Thursday, 19 August 2010

Winners don't get wet...

"I guess I wasn't initially aware of having a 'talent' per se it was more a case of realising that other people didn't.  That's one of my favourite quotes."
"Really? Who said that?"
"I did."
"Oh, right.  So, the video?"
"Yeah.  If I'm honest the day the video was shot is still a bit of a blur - I'd been so focussed on preparing that it all ended up happening very quickly.  I remember thinking I was in good shape, I'd stayed off the booze to keep my reactions sharp and my new diet ensured I had the requisite stamina. I can remember thinking that it was going well from the start - the initial dips and leg thrusts felt good and the only unknown was the ball throw.  Fortunately it was delivered perfectly; my eyes locked on and the feeling when ball connected with shin was one I will never forget."

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