Monday, 16 August 2010

In theory...

"You've been away a long time."
"Yeah - I started listening to a couple of humans and time ran away with me."
"Must have been an interesting conversation."
"It was actually - they were talking about 'Chaos Theory' or more prosaically 'the Butterfly Effect' - hence why I became interested."
"What's that all about then?"
"Well, as an extreme example the idea is that a small action such as one of us beating our wings could have massive consequences such as a tornado on the other side of the world."
"I know - pretty amazing stuff right?"
"After all that they have done and they are trying to blame the state of the planet on us?!"
"No - I think you're slightly missing the point."
"Oh no - of course it's the butterflies' fault - how could I forget that we were the ones that developed a society almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels, that we were the ones who cut great swathes through the rainforests?! Typical of humans - looking to lay the blame at someone else's door.  They believe this stuff?!"
"Er, erm, hmmm.  I think maybe you are taking the example a little too literally.  The theory is more a mathematical one than necessarily about us beating our wings which is metaphorical at best..."
"Don't try and placate me.  I'm going flying - see if a few wing flaps can't cause a natural disaster or two. FLAP - take that tsunami, FLAP and that earthquake. IDIOTS!"

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