Monday, 23 August 2010

Boys will be boys...

"What are you up to at the weekend?"
"Oh yeah - meant to tell you - me and a couple of the boys are off to Amsterdam."
"Really? What's the occasion?"
"Do you know Dave? I think you must have met him at some point.  We quite often go rutting together.  Anyways, turns out he's met the girl of his dreams and has decided to settle down and get married so we're all going away to celebrate his last weekend of "freedom"."
"What did you just do with your hooves?
"Sorry, I was trying to do speechmarks for ironic emphasis.  Not easy when you stand on all fours and don't have fingers."
"Oh, right. So, the weekend away should be fun.  Don't those human types have a name for weekends like that - you know where all the men meet up before a wedding?"
"Not that i'm aware of."
"They definitely do - what is it?!"
"Sorry mate - I haven't got a clue. "

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