Friday, 20 August 2010

Out of the blue...

"If I'm honest there is no way I could have predicted how 'reverse diving' would change my life."
"You've certainly travelled extensively and dived in some fairly glamorous locations?"
"Oh for sure.  Fortunately I'm a bit of a cultural chameleon and feel equally at home in say a Starbucks in London as I do one in New York or even Hong Kong."
"Wow - I suppose."
"I guess next you're going to ask me for a funny story from my travels?"
"Well I do remember this one time now you ask.  As you would expect 'reverse diving' makes some incredible demands on your body and staying in shape is hugely important.  So there I am in deepest darkest wherever the hell it was and this little kid says to me: 'Oh you from London you live near River Fames'.  I said 'I think you are mistaken little boy - yes I live in London but nowhere near a River Fames', to which he said 'but mister big river in London called the Fames', now this had me perplexed for a while and then I suddenly thought he means the Thames! I laughed for a good long time about that one - I mean the 'River Fames'?!"

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