Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Into the den...

"Right - so tell me - what are your projected sales this year and then your forecast turnover for next year and the year after?"
"No se."
"Come on now.  You must know the costs to manufacture?  Take your sales price less your costs and multiply by the number of empanadas you expect to sell."
"No se."
"Stop saying that.  I don't know how you can expect to sell me the oddity of a savoury snack covered in icing sugar and not even have this basic information to hand.  This is too much for me.  I'm out."

"You know what?  I like the two of you - I see something of the younger me in you.  Now you're asking for 5 pesos for three empanadas.  I am going to give you the 5 pesos but I don't want three empanadas rather I want the entirety of your current stock, any associated recipes, all future profits and whilst we're here that umbrella as well.  Do we have a deal?"

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