Friday, 14 January 2011

Time to bounce...

"I saw the wise old lady sat there as I had many times before but that day she called me over -
'I know you think me dotty and old' she said. 'Not I' replied I. 'Well, never mind, for once I was considered wise, this will likely come as a surprise.' 'I consider not.' I considered. 'Wisdom is learned' she continued. 'I understand.' I understood.  'Listen now and listen well for a lesson I will teach and a lesson you will learn.' 'Pray continue.' I continued.  'In life it is important to carry yourself always with grace. To hold one's head high, to stand up straight, to flow into a room and command the attention of all who are there.  To have grace, to be graceful. This is key.' 'But what' said I 'is grace?' She looked at me and laughed, the corners of her mouth curled slowly upwards in satisfaction as her eyes twinkled with the memories of younger days and slowly, emerging from her reverie, she whispered softly 'drunken men in suits on a trampoline.' Closing her eyes she leant back in her chair with a contented grin and trumped."