Friday, 24 September 2010

Difficult to judge...

"I'm bored! Do you fancy playing a game?"
"Yeah - could do - what do you have in mind?"
"Maybe a quick quiz?"
"I like it!"
"How about I be question master and then I'll give you a score at the end?"
"Sounds good."

"Ok, here goes.  Question 1 - what do you call the method of moving the ball from one player to another in football?"
"On completion of their training soldiers are said to 'what' out?"
"When trying to seduce members of the opposite sex one person may be said to make a 'what' at another person?"
"In order to gain access to the VIP area of a concert you often need a backstage 'what'?"
"What is the traditional reply used in a quiz when a contestant doesn't know an answer?"

"Oh, unlucky.  You scored 0 points with 5 passes. Better luck next time."
"You're an idiot."

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