Friday, 15 July 2011

Insider knowledge...

“Hello sir how can I help?”
“I think my wife is cheating on me.”
“Oh dear, oh dear – I hear this so often in my line of work. Ok. Well, first things first, maybe you could give me a few details about her? Let’s start with her name.”
“Sarah Jones.”
“Ok, can you give me a description?”
“Yes, she is about 5 foot 5, with short brown hair.”
“Green eyes?”
“A birthmark on her left breast?”
“Yes but how...”
“Details are important sir. Please try to concentrate. Does she giggle softly when making love? Do her cheeks glow at your slightest touch? Does her body rise and fall slowly in the midst of passion as though the ebbing tide?”
“Well, obviously I will have to do some more research but I am afraid to say I have my suspicions…”

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